Electro Mechanical

Electro Mechanical

SIT ARABIAN carry out Electro-mechanical works and related activities in the construction of buildings, Industrial plants, infrastructure and other related facilities. We especially high standard and technological buildings, such as Hotels and Hospitals, Airport terminals , all types of industrial facilities and factories ,Water treatment facilities, Power stations, Pumping stations, Holiday villages, Airfield , Apron lighting and gas stations. With its head office registered in AL Khobar

Power generation and distribution
High voltage distribution and switchgear
Low voltage distribution and switchgear
Indoor and outdoor lighting
including special lighting
system Grounding and lighting
Process control and instrumentation
HVAC electrical and control system
Telephone systems (PBAX)
UPS system
Dimmer systems
Closed circuit TV systems (CCTV)
Master Antenna TV systems (MATV)
Security systems
Fire detection and alarm systems

Electro Mechanical

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Central heating and distribution systems
Process piping
Steam, superheated water, hot water pipelines
Erection of industrial facilities
Sanitary installations, plumbing, domestic and waste water installations
Rain water and drainage system
Heating systems
HVAC systems
Cold rooms
Clean rooms and hospital hygienic systems
HEPA filters and laminar flow units
Kitchen equipment and installations
Laundry equipment and installations
Fire protection and firefighting systems
Irrigation systems
Drainage works
Infrastructure works


Our Technical Backup services relevant to and subsidiary from the Electromechanical sector, through huge bunch of years while covering various facilities over a huge geographical territory on 24/7 basis. We strongly succeeded in handling all unlimited assigned responsibilities comprising complexly interfering activities beyond description, where such success allowed SIT Arabian to fill the Pioneer position Technical Backup services provider at the hugest and toughest Clients in the Saudi Market, with zero delay records. We work honestly for ensuring the brightest future of our Company, while being fully aware that the Electromechanical Sector is considered as hugely unlimited sector that’s highly demanded by all Clients at all levels, that’s one of the pillars of the modern human civilization.

SIT can have the greatest impact:

Energy generation, transmission/distribution and use:

Smart grids – integrate alternative E; Efficient

On the use side: in controlling variable rate motors (smart motor systems)

Smart buildings, smart industrial processes

Smart logistics & transportation

SIT ARABIA apply experience, innovation, and dedication to produce lasting value through technology that helps streamline processes, maximize profit, and empower our clients to gain a competitive edge in their markets.

SIT ARABIA outlook is to give the best service to the clients in every sphere of the operation. Our management & technical staff are specially trained in their areas of specialization, with a clear cut directive to secure long term cost effective product and services with particular emphasis on Quality and Efficiency. SIT ARABIA business process management system ideal for large scale deployment.

Erect and take approvals and do the installations of our range of firefighting equipment.  They are assisted by qualified and certified welders/fitters and electricians to do the installation of hydrant, detection and sprinklers system.


We are the service providers for installation of an exquisite range of fire splinkers system is purely maintained with the support of water supply that provides enough pressure and flow rate to a water distribution piping system onto which fire splinkers are connected.


We are engaged in installation of a wide range of MVWS/HVWS Systems that are used as one of the widely used fire extinguishing device in diverse application areas.  Comprised of the international standards these MVWS/HVWS systems are widely accredited for efficiency.


We are widely known for offering our wide assortment of high quality conventional fire alarm systems for smaller applications.  These fire alarm systems find its place in variety of application areas because of its industrial standards.  These can be used extensively for splinkers.  Splinkers pre-action deluge and other conventional are to configure via Dip-Switches, Disable mode for audible circuits, release circuits & Relays, Alarm & Trouble resound Optional batteries for upto 90 hrs of standby power.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality is a continuous journey towards improving the performance of our staff and services and meeting whatever challenges that may confront us. We take great pride in what we have achieved.

SIT ARABIA has made its presence felt in the business of supply,   installation, testing & commissioning of Electro-Mechanical solutions which include District Cooling Systems (as Main Contractor – Including Civil / Structural, District Cooling Plant, Reticulation Pipe Works, etc.), Air-conditioning & Ventilation systems, Electrical & Low current systems as well as Wet Services such as Plumbing, Drainage and Fire-Fighting systems.

We at SIT Arabian, strive to work honestly for ensuring the brightest future of our Company, while being fully aware that the Electromechanical Sector is considered as hugely unlimited sector that’s highly demanded by all Clients at all levels, that’s one of the pillars of the modern human civilization. SIT Arabian  is currently considered at the front lines in reference to its competitors in terms of the company size, owned skill and performance efficiency, with strong presence at all projects’ sites, supported by long years of refined experience that complies with the professionalism of the entities forming the Saudi Economic Columns.

We confidently say that, SIT Arabian  owns a prideful history, as well as the perfect know how about the Saudi Market.

SIT Arabian  stands on solid core values that recognized for SIT Arabian  a strong business moral reputation, as all of SIT Arabian  employees are firmly committed to the highest moral standards applied to each and every activity being done, and despite of the continuously growing workload, SIT Arabian ’s Top Management had never skipped the social works at its various levels in an institutionalized professional manner, focused on providing the technical backup for the newly conventional Indian Companies who are specialized in any of SIT Arabian ’s Specialties, in addition to other voluntary logistical works that benefits the general development and supports the humanitarian work in the local community to reach an appropriate level of removing all obstacles facing others to allow the investment of their capabilities. SIT Arabian contribution mainly aims the following:

  • Strong Personal solidarity for providing the best help in the hard situations.
  • Strengthening the culture of being socially cooperative between the different social categories.
  • Strengthening the unity feeling of territory belonging.
  • Achievement of relevant partial Social Security.
  • Human Development support.
  • Considering the value of the activity.